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D-DAY PARATROOPERS British, Canadian and French
The very first ground actions linked to the D-Day in France were fought by the ‘Red Berets’, the famous British and Canadian paratroopers of the 6th Airborne Division dropped over the Caen region, and also by the lesser-known French SAS who jumped over Brittany the same day to fight a guerilla war. This book offers every detail of these elite soldiers, uniforms, equipment, badges and emblems - all illustrated in full color Hard cover, Size: 9" x 12", 128 pages illustrated throughout in full color,(RZM) $59.95


Head Dress of the British Lancers: 1816- to the Present
Here at last is a book dedicated to the head dress worn by the British Lancers Regiments, both regular, and volunteer, from 1816 to the present day. It is profusely illustrated with both color and black and white photographs of lance caps, the majority of which have never before been published, together with contemporary black and white photographs of officers and other ranks in full dress uniform, and reproduction of original color artwork. Each pattern of lance cap is fully described, including the materials used, with each component of the head dress specified for the officers, and other ranks, together with the method of assembly. The head dress includes the 1856 pattern lance cap worn by the six regular regiments of lancers, a brief descripition of the various patterns of the lance cap worn by many of these regiments prior to 1856, and a condensed history of each regiment, accompanied by an account of the full dress uniform worn by the officers of these regiments c. 1900. Additionally, there is a full description of the pattern of lance cap worn by officers of the Bedfordshire, City of London, East Riding of Yorkshire, Lanarkshire, and Lincolnshire regiments of Yeomanry, and details relating to the head dress worn by six little known corps/troops of volunteer lancers. Also included is a thumbnail history and a description of the full dress uniform worn by these volunteer cavalry corps. This book is an essential reference for both the established and new collectors of lance caps of the regular lancer and yeomanry regiments, and students of cavalry full dress unifroms of the period. Size: 9"x12", over 260 B/W and color photos, 224 pages. Price - $75.00 


Red Devils                 
The 6th Airborne Division at Normandy 
Sometimes it is easy to forget that the US 82nd and 101st airborne divisions were not the only paratroopers to drop into Normandy on D-Day! The British 6th Airborne Division had a vital task in securing the flank at the opposite end of the invasion zone from Utah Beach. The landings both by glider and parachute, by these intrepid soldiers and their taking of the strategically important Pegasus Bridge and the silencing of the battery at Merville contributed greatly to the success of the invasion. This highly illustrated book, with detailed photo captions, depicts the soldiers and their equipment and analyzes the tactics and success of their mission. Size: 9"x12", 176 pages, over 300 illustrations in color and B/W photographes, maps and charts.  Price - $34.95