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Uniforms and Equipment of the German Airforce 1935-44
When World War II began, Germany’s Luftwaffe was the most powerful air force yet seen, achieving victory after victory in tandem with the German Army. But as other great powers rose to combat Hitler, the supremacy of the Me-109, Stuka, and Focke-Wulf soon began to pale before vast fleets of Allied warplanes which German industry could hardly match. 
Nevertheless, while “flying till they died,” Luftwaffe pilots continued to write a record of heroism and innovation, until at the very end of the war they nearly gained the edge again with their aces flying the world’s first jet fighter, the Me-262.
In this large, lavishly illustrated, full-color work we gain an intimacy with the daily life of Luftwaffe pilots as never seen before. From their uniforms to equipment to everyday sundries, drawn from incredible collections of memorabilia, we can share their experiences on airfields or in the very skies of Europe, above the dark cause which unfortunately they served. Size: 11.9"x8.4", Pages:310, Over 1,000 color and B+W photos. Price - $75.00


U.S. Forces in Vietnam
This publication covers the chronological evolution of uniforms, equipment and weaponry issued to the American soldier during the first years of the conflict, from 1962 to 1967 (a second volume will cover the 1968 to 1975 period). All of the uniforms and equipment shown are period, however some of the weapons are replicas. In the aim of depicting characteristic servicemen at given periods, a great deal of research was undertaken in order to guarantee coherence between the units, dates and geographical situations.  Differing from other publications, the author has deliberately chosen to illustrate all types of service personnel rather than solely combatants in order to give an exact presentation of the American military during this period. Indeed, it should be remembered that 85% of service personnel in Vietnam were support troops and advisors. Size: 8"x9.5", Pages: 68, Over 100 color photos. Price - $22.95


Yankee Air Pirates: U.S. Air Force Uniforms and Memorabilia of the Vietnam War: Vol.1: Command & Control • Tactical Control • Forward Air Control • Rescue • Electronic Warfare • Air Police/Security Police

Yankee Air Pirates is a highly detailed look at United States Air Force uniforms and equipment as used during the Vietnam War. This comprehensive book – the first of a multi-volume set – presents hundreds of Air Force named items in over 900 full color photos, giving the reader a precise insight and reference covering fifty-eight Air Force units. Flight suits, utility shirts, jungle jackets, headgear, insignia, weapons, plaques, souvenir lighters, and many theater-made items are featured to illustrate the history of both flying and ground units. Topics covered in this initial volume are: Command & Control, Tactical Control, Forward Air Control, Rescue, Electronic Warfare, and Air Police/Security Police units. An extensive chapter offers a detailed review of uniforms, headgear, and footwear, referenced by model and date.

Size: 9" x 12" | 900 illustrations | 328 [pages, Coast - $89.99


Uniforms and Equipment of U.S. Army Infantry, LLRPs, and Rangers in Vietnam 1965-1971
This new, extensively researched volume is comprehensive guide to the history, development, wear, and use of uniforms and equipment during America`s involvement in the Vietnam War. Included are insignia, headgear, camouflage uniforms, expermental items, modified items, flak, armor, boots, clothing accessories, paper items and personal items from the year 1965 to 1971, all examined in great detail. Using re-constructed photos the author recreates the look and apperance of the American Soldier in Vietnam. Rangers, medics, scouts, RTO`s, machine gunners, Pathfinders, and riflemen are all here and accompanied by detail text. For the first time, see easily recognizable dating system used by the U.S. Government supply system to date the items on the manufacturer tag. A helpful appendix shows, for the first time ever, all forms of post war gear such as ALICE and camouflage like BDUs and the Rapid Deployment Force pattern, and all thoses that were never used in South East Asia during the Vietnam War. Included is also an easy to follow, detailed description of each item along with a comparison showing the actual wartime produced items side by side with with the undersirable so the collector/ Historian/Re-Enactor will never make the mistake of utilizing Post War Produced items again. Packed with over 500 detailed color photographs, and over 100 never before seen orginal photos from veterans, as well as many close-ups, this book fills an important gap in the collectors reference library and will be invaluable for collectors, living historians, re-enactors, modelers, curators and artists alike. Hard cover, size: 9"x12", illustrations: over 600 color and B/W photographs, 208 pages.  Price - $59.95


Uniforms & Equipment of U.S. Military
Advisors in Vietnam
This new, extensively researched volume (volume two in the series) is a comprehensive guide to the history, development, wear, and use of uniforms and equipment during American military advisors involvement in the Vietnam War. Included are insignia, headgear, camouflage uniforms, modified items, Flak vests, boots, clothing accessories, paper items and personal items from the years 1957-1972, all examined in great detail. Using re-constructed and period photos, the author presents the look and apperance of American Army, Navy, and Marine Corps advisors in Vietnam. ARVAN Ranger, Airborne, and ARVN infantry advisors, all have their own chapter, along with Junk Force, RAG Force, and South Vietnamese Naval and Marine Corps advisors. Size: 9"x12", 450 color and B/W photographs, 256 pages.Price - $59.95


Vietnam Order of Battle: A Complete Illustrated Reference to U.S. Army Combat and Support Forces in Vietnam 1961-1973

A monumental, encyclopedic work of immense detail concerning U.S. Army and allied forces that fought in the Vietnam War from 1962 through 1973. Extensive lists of units providing a record of every Army unit that served in Vietnam, down to and including separate companies, and also including U.S.Army aviaton and riverine units. Shoulder patches and distinctive unit insignia of all divisions and battalions. Extensive maps portraying unit locations at each six-month interval. Photographs and descriptions of all major types of equipment employed in the conflict. Size: 9.5"x12", 416 pages, 32 full color pages, 101 pages halftones. Price - $69.95


Tiger Patterns A Guide to the Vietnam War`s Tigerstripe Combat Fatigue Patterns and Uniforms
Vietnam era tigerstripe combat fatigues have always been a much sought after commodity. The pattern itself, in all of its classic forms, is both exotic and unique and carries with it an immediate, esthetic sence of the full drama of that not too distant Southeast Asian conflict. There exists, however, surrounding this one camouflage pattern, numerous misconceptions. Tiger Patterns analyzes to the most minute degree, the finite variances which defined the many original Vietnam era tigerstripes patterns and uniform cuts and establishes dependable identification techniques and practices, whether your particular interests are as an historian, veteran, modeler, or collector and enthusiast. Size: 8.5" x 11", over 280 B/W and color photographs, 264 pages. Price - $69.95