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German Cross in Gold Volume 7
Holders of the SS and Police
“Wiking:” Adolph to Kempcke

The first of two volumes, "Wiking" Part I includes the most detailed Combat Elements chapter of the series to date in both text and photos. The divisional commanders are also covered in expanded text detail and unpublished images. The 78 German Cross in Gold recipient biographies covered in Part I include the two longest of “Wiking,” Swords holders Hans Dorr and August Dieckmann.

Among the 33 Roll of Honor Clasp and Close Combat Clasp in Gold holders are further unpublished images and details, including previously unconfirmed award holders. An addendum adds significantly to prior volumes with previously unpublished award ceremony images of “Das Reich” and the complete surviving award documents for another German Cross in Gold holder.

A comprehensive study essential to anyone interested in armored units of the Waffen-SS.  Hard Cover, Deluxe Binding, 6" x 9", 432 Pages (100 pages more than previous volumes), 248 B+W wartime photos. Price - $54.95


 War Badges of the Kriegsmarine
A perfect companion to "Torpedo Los", this book covers the War Badges of the Kriegsmarine with particular emphasis on the surface units. Packed with detailed obverse and reverse color shots as well as close ups of hinges, pins and maker marks giving the collector and military enthusiast detailed coverage of all the major variants of these desirable badges. As well as the badges themselves, a huge range of rare award documents, paybook entries and other documentation is provided, along with many rare and previously unpublished detailed wartime images showing the awards being worn.
Hard Cover, Large Format, Deluxe Binding, 8.5" x 11", 380 pages, 1,121 photos, most in color. Price - $79.95



This is the most comprehensive and detailed book yet written about the German Iron Cross First Class (EK 1) decoration of 1939. On hundreds of pages you will find information about the history of the award, its manufacturing process, award procedures, and, most importantly, precise data, photographs, and scans which will enable the collector or student of this famous and prestigious emblem of honor to positively identify genuine pre-1945 produced examples. The wartime products of over twenty manufacturers of crosses and Wiederholungsspangen are described in meticulous and thorough detail. Don't miss out on this unique volume. Hard Cover, 7" x 9.5", 608 pages, over 1000 photos. Price - $150.00




German Cross in Gold
Holders of the SS and Police
Volume 5
Polizei Division and Police Units

Volume 5 covers the first half of German Cross in Gold holders of the Polizei Division and independent Polizei Units. Exacting new details of this unit that saw combat in the West, Russia, and Greece includes its numerous commanders and senior staff, as well as an exhaustive study of its development and Kampfgruppe Polizei Division. The Honor Clasp and Close Combat Clasp in Gold holders of the formation are detailed, all enhanced with a wealth of previously unseen documents and photos. Hard Cover, Deluxe Binding, 6" x 9", 320 pages, 138 photos. (rzm) Price - 44.95


German Cross in Gold Volume 4: Holders of the SS and Police
Volume 4 presents in depth new material and photos, correcting previous texts on the Waffen-SS Cavalry. The emphasis is on the Kavallerie Brigade, "Florian Geyer," and "Maria Theresia." Data for unit development, commanders, and senior staff, is the most inclusive yet published. The award holder biography area ¬ adds tangent information, A full campaign report by a senior commander, Allgemeine-SS riding units, Honor Clasp, and Close Combat Clasp in Gold holders are included. Feldpost data, multiple officer assignment lists and addendum. Hard cover, 6" x 9", Foreword by Hugh Page Taylor. 368 pages, 151 photos, Deluxe Binding. Price $44.95


The Infantry Assault Badges
Already highly acclaimed in its German version, the English edition is an important and indispensable addition to every collector's library. On over 250 pages all known variants of the Infantry Assault Badge are discussed and more than 1000 pictures explain every detail of this highly collectable award. Packages and documents are also covered in depth. Hard cover, 7" x 9.5", 250 pages, Over 1000 color and b+w photos, diagrams, charts, English Text. Price: $90.00


The Flak Badge of the Luftwaffe and Heer
The definitive work about these two badges, including the history, documents, cases and over 50 known variants, presented in superb quality photographs. Over 450 color pictures and over 430 pages full of information.  Hard cover, 7" x 9.5", 430 pages, Over 450 color photos, English Text. Price: $109.00


Presented for the first time in detail, this examination of German medal bars covers a subject long overlooked in reference books. Illustrating over one-hundred German medal bars in full color, both obverse and reverse views are shown, as well as close up images that highlight some of the finer details. Medal bars of the military, police, political, and civil organizations are covered. Examples of original award documents are shown, as well as period photographs of medal bars in wear. Information is also presented on maker markings, medal identification, the material used to make the medal, finishes, and measurements.  Size: 8.5"x11", Illustrations: over 400 color b/w images, Pages: 192. Price- -$69.95


The SS Totenkopf Ring: Himmler's SS Honor Ring in Detail
Using modern tools not available to previous authors on this subject, Craig Gottlieb paints a comprehensive picture of the Totenkopf Ring and the man who was behind it - Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler. Gottlieb draws on a body of over 200 examples to document currently believed notions about the ring. He offers never before seen photos and documents, and even develops many new well-reasoned theories about the Totenkopf (Death Head) ring. The book also covers the pre-history of the Totenkopf ring, placing its appearance onto the "SS Scene" in historical context. Also covered are design background, construction techniques, and an in-depth analysis of the physical characteristics of rings. Gottlieb also includes sections on award documents and frames, ring shipping boxes, and provides many never-before-seen photographs of rings in wear. Finally, he brings rings to life with an extensive ‚€œpersonality profile‚€� chapter in which he illustrates several famous rings. Hard Cover, 8.5" x 11", 256 pages, over 200 b+w and color photos. Price:$59.99


Aviation Awards of Imperial Grmany in World War I and the Men Who Earned Them
The last of Neal O?Connor?s series covering the air awards and pilots of Imperial Germany. The eight German states appear first in alphabetical order: thus we find the Duchy of Brunswick leading off the discussion; the Grand Duchy of Hesse; the Principality of Hohenzollern; the Principalities of Lippe and Schaumburg-Lippe; the Grand Duchies of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz; and the Principality of Waldeck; and finally, the three Free Hanse Cities of Bremen, Hamburg and L? Among the forty-three biographies included in this volume are: Oblt. Ernst Freiherr von Althaus, Lt. Erwin B?, Oblt. Maximilian von Cossel, Lt. Ludwig Fritz Dornheim, Lt. Emil Fl?, Offz.-Stv. Ludwig Friedewald, Rittm. Hans-Achim von Grone, Major Wilhelm Haehnelt, Lt. Franz von Kerssenbrock, Lt. G? Ludeke, Lt. Friedrich Niederh?, Lt. Otto Parschau, Rittm. Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen, Lt. Karl-Emil Sch䦥r, Lt. Carl-August von Schoenebeck, Lt. G? Schroth, Lt. Otto-Martin Graf von Schwerin, Offz.-Stv. Gottlieb Vothknecht, Lt. Friedrich-Wilhelm Wichard. Size: 8.5"x11", over 700 b/w photographs, 528 pages. (sch) Price - $69.95 


German Cross in Gold: Volume 1
Commencing an unprecedented study detailing all SS and Police holders of the German Cross in Gold by unit, the first of two volumes of this new series examines the holders of the 2. SS Panzer Division "Das Reich". More than twenty years of research provide comprehensive information for the holders of this prestigious decoration to include the combat narrative that actually  resulted in the award. Also included are  other awards, promotions, and known services history. Aside from full information on each individual, detailed data is provided for the various elements they were assigned to within the Division and other postings held in the course of their often diverse careers. Heavily illustrated with rare photos and documents, many were provided by the recipients themselves who fully support the research. The actual award recommendation documents are seen and the approval process fully examined, adding to an invaluabnle study for the historian. The illustrations also provide a wealth of information for collectors of uniforms, insignia, medals, documents, and autographs. An appendix includes the most detailed Order of Battle listing of commands compiled to date, as well as new data on the Division`s Roll of Honor Clasp and Close Combat Clasp in Gold holders. Foreward by "Das Reich" Knights Cross nad German Cross in Gold winner Siegfried Brosow. 432 pages, 295 phoots and illustrations, delux binding. Price -  $44.95


German Cross in Gold: Volume 2
“Das Reich”: Karl-Heinz Lorenz to Herbert Zimmermann
This new volume examines the balance of SS recipients awarded the German Cross in Gold for combats while assigned to the 2.SS-Panzer-Division “Das Reich.” The detailed format follows that previously established in “German Cross in Silver Holders of the SS and Police” as well as the initial volume on Gold holders. Full biographies include promotions, decorations, appointments, and posts with in-depth tangent data. Especially significant are the combat narratives that resulted in the award. Numerous holders of the decoration contributed photos and documents for this lavishly illustrated volume, essential for the historian and SS collector alike. Appendixes examine the Order of Battle development of the armor contingents, a new divisional Order of Battle to platoon level, and element commanders. Finally, an addendum adds newly uncovered details and illustrations to the previous volumes. With the continuing support of Waffen-SS veterans, this series breaks new ground in scope and detail. Foreword by Knight's Cross holder Ernst Barkmann. Size: 9.5"x6.5", 247 photos and illustrations, 432 pages. (bender) Price - $44.95


German Cross in Gold Volume 3
Holders of the SS and Police
Mr. Yerger follows up "German Cross in Silver" and "German Cross in Gold," Volumes 1 and 2 with Volume 3, Regiment and Division "Nordland." Yerger once again shows us what a marvelous researcher he is. His extensive contacts throughout the world helped him once again author a historical journey that leads us through the combat actions of recipients of The German Cross in Gold in great detail. Featuring 139 photos throughout the 252 pages, this latest volume of "German Cross in Gold" is a must have for collectors and history buffs alike.
Hard cover, 6" x 9", 252 pages, 139 photos. Price $44.95


Personal Groupings, Award Documents, and Ephemera of Rommel's Afrikakorps
For German military document collectors this volume has a treasure trove of rare Afrikakorps related award documents, propaganda leaflets, Soldbuchs, Wehrpass and Remembrance/Death cards. Among the many rare documents you will see both Allied and German/Italian propaganda leaflets, Afrikakorps field newspapers, and two field-made newsletters associated with the Sonderverband 288 unit. We have also assembled several complete Afrikakorps veteran groupings and every known document variant of the AFRIKA cuffband and Italian-German Medal. Size: 9"x12", 250 color and b/w photos, 144 pages. Price - $59.95


German Cross in Silver - Holders of the SS and Police
Among the most sought after and desired awards by collectors, the actual recipients of the German Cross in Silver have never been examined in detail.
Now, for the first time, full biographical data and unpublished photo material is available for the SS and Police holders of this elusive award. The award itself is in full color, its recommendation process, and actual award documents are also included. Adding significantly to the biographical information are details of the unit assignments, posts, and commands of the recipients. With the SS and Police remaning among the most sought after information topics by both historians and collectors, this volume fills a significant void in the study of the Third Reich.   208 pages, 127 photos and documents - delux binding. Price - $34.95