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Heroes in Our Midst Volume 1
WWII American Airborne: Early Years, Training, Jump Wings, Parachutes, Jump Helmets, Paramarines

When the intent to address the history of the WWII U.S. airborne forces was first contemplated, the reaction was “What can one do that hasn’t already been done?” Upon hearing of the project, historians, advanced researchers, collectors, and fans of the airborne stepped forward asking, “What can I do to help?” What was initially intended to be a single volume has turned into a formidable series on the subject.

This first volume deals in great detail with the Early Years, Airborne Training, Parachute Qualification Wings and Trimmings, Evolution of Military Parachutes, Jump Helmets, and Paramarines in 528 pages, 1660 photos (most in full color), large format with deluxe binding.

Future volumes, each over 500 pages, will cover Troop Carriers, Glider Troops, Pathfinders, Service and Jump Uniforms, Divisional/ Unit patches, Distinctive Insignia, Special Insignia, Equipment, Weapons, Tactical Operations, Unit Colors (Flags and Guidons), and Paper-Related Collectibles.  Hard Cover, Deluxe Binding, 11.25" x 8.75", 528 pages, 1,660 photos - Most in Color. Price - $94.95



Troop Carrier Command, Pathfinders, Glider Troops, The Jump Uniform

This second volume of “Heroes in Our Midst” continues the in-depth study of everything airborne-related. The Troop Carrier Command chapter outlines training and tactical operations, the aircraft used, uniforms and insignia, plus 116 Troop Carrier squadron patches.

The Pathfinders are covered in similar fashion showing their uniforms and insignia, and their specialized radar, lighting and signal equipment. There is also a massive chapter on Glider Troops covers tactical glider development and operations, plus uniforms and insignia worn by glider pilots and troops to include the evolution of garrison cap patches of all styles. All known makers of glider qualification badges and their associated trimmings are detailed in full color.

The paratroopers’ Jump Uniform is a stand-alone 160 page chapter showing numerous photos of the “balloon cloth” coverall, the M1941 and M1942 jump uniforms and their modifications, and an extensive 42 page study of jump boot evolution by manufacturer. The chapter concludes with coverage of the M1943 field combat uniform with a special emphasis on modified M1943 jump trousers.
Hard Cover, Deluxe Binding, 11.25" x 8.75", Pages:512, 1,400 color and B+W photos. Price - $94.95


The Knight’s Cross with Oakleaves, 1940-1945
Biographies and Images of the 889 Recipients of Hitler’s Highest Military Award

This extensive, two-volume box set presents every recipient of the Knight’s Cross with Oakleaves, awarded during the Second World War, and presented personally by Hitler from 1940 until 1945.

Described inside – and shown with at least one photograph – are each of the 889 recipients from the Luftwaffe, Heer, Waffen-SS, and Kriegsmarine, as well as foreign recipients. This work contains over 1,000 photographs, from the author’s own collection as well as other private collections. This is first time such a work has been written in the English language and is a must for anyone interested in Germany’s highest decoration, as well as anyone interested in the careers of each recipient.  Hardcover, Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″, Pages: 646, 1,000 B+W and color photos. Price - $125.00


Flight Gear 1942-1945

This new book is designed as a guide to the flight clothing and equipment issued to American airmen in Europe, August 1942 (the first bombing mission over France) to May 1945.

Hundreds of period photographs and hundreds of detailed pictures of surviving artifacts are included for the first time, introducing the reader to the evolution of this equipment, from the early use of British items, to local modifications, up to the latest technical breakthroughs. In the final chapter, 25 full-color reconstructions illustrate the various guises of these airmen, who liberated Europe from the sky. Hard cover, size 9" x 12", Pages: 176, 1,000 color and B+W photos. Price $54.95                        


United States vs. German Equipment 1945
Prepared for the Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force
Detailed overview of American and German equipment from World War II
Color photos of vehicles, guns, knives, grenades, uniforms, headgearpersonal items, awards, radios, and much more
Period photos of generals, vehicles, and soldiers in action
Perfect for historians, collectors, and reenactors. Size: 10"x8", Pages: 320, Color & BW photos. Price - $49.95 


American PT Boats in World War II Volume Two
This all new illustrated volume is the companion to Victor Chun’s definitive history of American PT boats in the Second World War (see page 28). Chun presents all new information gleaned since the previous book’s publication and includes never before published drawings of PT 809, as well as details on the use of Elcoplane as used by Elco PT boats to increase running speed, described here for the first time. Size: 11 3/4 x 9, 700+ color/bw images , Pages: 216. Price - $69.99 



Women for Victory American Servicewomen in World War II History and Uniforms Series - Volume 1

The Women for Victory series provides a thorough and authoritative reference for American servicewomen’s history and uniforms of WWII, and is designed for scholars of women’s or military history, veterans, collectors, re-enactors and others interested in the history and dress of these servicewomen on active military service. Carefully researched historical background information about the female wartime services is combined with comprehensive documentation of their distinctive uniforms. Color photos of original clothing and accessories, modeled in full-length studies and supported by close-up views, show various uniforms and insignia in detail. The text and color photographic portions are supplemented by original wartime photos, many previously unpublished, as well as documents, tables and drawings. Vol.1 examines the two oldest female military components of the U.S. armed forces: the Army Nurse Corps, and Navy Nurse Corps. The book also covers two lesser known groups of militarized medical female service personnel: the Army Hospital Dietitians and Army Physical Therapists.  Size: 9”x12” • over 1200 color/bw images • 352 pages. Price - $89.99


 They too were AMERICANS
The German-American Bund in Words, Photos and Artifacts

What were the origins of the Bund? They were a mixture of many things, to include the post-WWI abortive Communist Revolution in Germany and response by the Freikorps movement, the early Hitler activities of 1922-1924, the world-wide economic boycott of German products starting in 1933, anti-German propaganda in the USA during the 1930s tied with fresh memories of US involvement in the Great War, and of course the Great Depression. Was the Bund a German or American organization?
  • How many members and units of the "Bund" existed?
  • What was the "Bund" vision for America?
  • Was there an American SS?
  • Was worldwide genocide contemplated for people of Germanic origin?
  • What U.S. official and arch enemy of the “Bund” turned out to be a Soviet agent?
  • What became of "Bund" members during and after WWII?
  • What do authentic “Bund” relics and memorabilia look like?
  • Are "Bund" items faked like many Third Reich items, and how does one tell the difference?

These and the answers to 100’s of other questions can be found in this title.

"They too were Americans" is an inside view of the German-American Bund from interviews, personal diaries, hundreds of photos and artifacts compiled by the author. The Bund was a truly independent form of American National Socialism which sought understanding as well as friendship between the United States and Germany. Domestically, the Bund believed portions of the Capitalist as well as National Socialist world view could be of benefit to their fellow citizens in America.
Hard Cover, Large Format, Deluxe Binding, 8.5" x 11", 320 pages, 562 photos, many in color. Price - $66.95


D-Day Paratroopers Volume 1 US Airborne Division

On the night of 5- 6 June 1944, US paratroopers of the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions were dropped over the Cotentin peninsula, on the western part of the Normandy beachhead.

The uniforms, equipment and small arms of these men immortalized by ‘Band of Brothers’ are presented here in the sharpest detail, as well as their orders of battle and insignia.

Illustrated throughout in full color. 9½ x 12½, 128 pages,$44.95, paperback,



Equipping the Corps, Volume 1: 1892-1937 Weapons, Webgear and Headgear

The long awaited follow-up to the award winning "Grunt Gear" has taken seven years to research and it does not disappoint. Tulkoff has once again combed through countless archives and private collections to bring never before seen USMC pieces of equipment and photographs together in this first of a two volume set. Volume I covers, field gear, small arms (pistols, rifles and machineguns) and head- gear. The evolution of the Marine Corps bell crown cap is meticulously documented with both photographs and archival documentation. Arsenal and Quartermaster records thought to have been destroyed were located and new serial numbers attributed to the Marine Corps have been identified for Krag rifles (1,000) as well as M1903 rifles, M1911 Colt Automatics, BARs and even a handful of shotguns. Detailed information about quantities contracted are supplied in the field gear chapter in regards to cartridge belts and suspenders. The USMC Quartermaster Depot is examined and details about its manufacturing and capabilities are described. The research and writing of this book was originally done in order to compliment the "Book of the Year" award winning - "Grunt Gear: USMC Combat Infantry Equipment of World War II." Due to the manner in which the Marine Corps developed and manufactured uniforms and equipment, and the massive number of changes made to Uniform and Equipment Regulations it became evident that this book had to start with the 1892 Uniform Regulations. This brought up the issue of incorporating Dress Blues into this research as the first Marine Corps Combat Uniforms were actually blues. However, these blues eventually were phased out of combat and became the ever present Dress Blues as known today. Due to the large number of changes and massive amount of research covering the 1892, 1896, 1897, 1900, 1904, 1908, 1912, 1917, 1922, 1929 and 1937 Uniform Regulations, the book grew exponentially. In order to provide a reasonably concise book at an affordable price it was deemed necessary to break the book into two volumes. This volume covers Webgear, Weapons and Headgear. The information in this book was compiled from many resources including archival documents and photographs as well as many museums and countless private collections. While researching this book, Marine Corps Depot Records not previously found or forgotten about long ago were located as well as Annual Reports of the Commandant. Although the Eagle, Globe and Anchor (EGA) is the most identifiable insignia around the world for the U.S. Marine Corps, it is not being addressed in this volume or the next. Due to the massive amount of information (an entire other book) it was decided not to cover the EGA. From a collector s standpoint EGAs should not be used as the only method of dating or evaluating a uniform or piece of headgear. Since many collectors only specialize in EGAs they will purchase a piece of headgear for the EGA only, and then add a lesser or mis-dated EGA and resell the cap. This creates issues for headgear and other EGA collectors. - 384 Pages, -861 Photos, Most in Color, Large Format Deluxe Binding. Price - $79.00




Into The Blue
Uniforms of the United States Air Force 1947- tto the Present. Vol.1
Into the Blue covers USAF uniforms heritage begining with the early days of the USAS in World War 1, through its progression to the modern day USAF uniforms. The primary focus of this first volume is the dress and service unifroms of both men and women, including summer and winter uniforms of the early decades, along with transformation to the two-tone uniforms  and economic design changes which occurred within the past few decades.This well-researched book contains over 1100 photos, as well as contributions from estabilshed experts and official USAF historical entities. Also chronicled is the development of Air Force collar brass, accoutrements, footwear, and headgear. These books will become the standard for USAF uniform collectors and an invaluable tool for historians, museums employees, collectors and veterans.
Size: 9"x12", over 1150 color/bw images, 336 pages. Price - $89.99  


The Ultimate Thompson Book

Virtually every chapter and topic covered in Tracie Hill's critically acclaimed 1996 Collector Grade title "Thompson: The American Legend" has been expanded, and some new ones have been added in order to incorporate a vast amount of important new information augmenting every aspect of the history of the Auto Ordnance Corporation, the Thompson family, and the design and production of the hardware that bears the Thompson name. Much of this priceless new material, including personal memoirs, dimensioned blueprints and other rare memorabilia, has been bequeathed by key people who were intimately involved in the day to day operations of the company.

The post WWII history of the Thompson begins with more new documentation concerning the Kilgore Manufacturing Company, historically a manufacturer of cap pistols and pyrotechnics. Kilgore's plans to re-launch the M1A1 Thompson came to naught, and the next incarnation of Auto Ordnance was as part of the Numrich Arms Corporation in West Hurley, New York. Then the story shifts yet again, with up to date coverage of the products of the current proprietors, Kahr Arms.

Chapters on Thompson drum and box magazines are expanded to include original manufacturing drawings and operation detail sheets. Chapters on Web Gear, Other Ancillaries, and Models and Miniatures; then over 100 pages of updated listings of serial numbers of all 15,000 Colt Model 1921 Thompsons, with shipping dates and dispositions where known. Then an impressive display of rare, colorful original paper-handbooks, brochures, price lists, catalogs, and military manuals, both U.S. and foreign.

All this and much, much more-plus ten times more color than "The American Legend." Every copy of "The Ultimate Thompson Book" comes individually shrink wrapped in protective plastic.

Hard cover, 8.5" x 11", 872 pages, 1,201 illustrations, over 200 in color!

Price: $150.00



Civil War Uniforms of theUnited States Marine Corps: The Regulations of 1859

The uniforms and equipment worn by Marines during the Civil War are virtually unknown. This book is the first in-depth study of Marine uniforms and equipment ever undertaken, and it includes hundreds of contemporary studio portraits of officers and men wearing the items described and illustrated in the 1859 uniform regulations plus hundreds of color photographs of surviving material. There are complete chapters on the evolution of Marine insignia, swords, headdress, and all types of uniforms and clothing, to include the origin of the Marine officers’ quatrefoil and the modern noncommissioned officers’ sword. There is no other reference book of this magnitude on Marine dress and equipment of the period.- 296 pages,475 Photos and Period Portraits,Large Format Deluxe Binding.Price - $76.95



"782 Gear"
Unites States Marine Corps Field Gear & Equipment of World War II
This new book is the companion volume to Glenn`s 2006 "United States Marine Corps Uniforms, Insignia and Personal Items of World War II". With numerous rare and never before published war time photographes, "782 Gear" is the most indepth pictorial study of the many patterns, and variations of Marine Corps field gear - Known then as "782 Gear" - that U.S. Marines carried in the Pacific war. The author also visited the island battlefields he`s written about and conducted field endurance tests with orginal Marine Corps gear to give the reader a more complete understanding of how each piece of equipment endured the rigors of combat. with this unprecedented level of research, "782 Gear" is, along with its compaion volume, the World War II Marine Corps collector`s guide book and bible.
Size: 9"x12", over 800 color/bw images, 336 pages. (sch) Price - $89.99


Uniforms of the United States Navy in the Civial War Period, 1852-1865
This long-awaited book fills a gap in knowledge of the uniforms clothing, headgear, equipment, and weapons of the United States Navy during the Civial war period. Based on original accounts from official documents, newspapers, diaries, letters, and other primary sources, the well-written text is accompanied by a wealth of period images of navy personnel, many of which are identified and published for the first time. Numerous photographes of surviving articles of clothing and artiacts throw further light on life in a blockading fleet or on the High Seas from 1852 through 1865. With great clarity the author explains the various changes to officers` uniforms and for the first time provides a detailed analysis of the clothing worn by ratings and enlisted men.
Size: 9"x12", over 300 images, 240 pages. (sch) Price - $79.99 


Silver Wings & Leather Jackets
Rare, Unique, and Unusual Artifacts of First and Second World War  Allied Flyers
Silver Wings & Leather Jackets is the sixth book in Jon Maguire`s definitive series on the uniforms and insignia of the U.S. Army aviation from World War I through World War II. This volume focuses on rare and unusual items not covered in the author`s previous books. For this book aviation museums and private collectors throughtout the U.S. have generously opened their collections of extremely rare: AVG, Eagle Squadron, Aces, A-2 jackets, attributed general`s items, OSS material, First Air Commandos, World War I wing badges, CNAC, paper items, and many other interesting and unique artifacts. Covers the rarest and most sought after AAF collectibles. Size:11"x9", over 800 color and b/w images, Pages:272,Hard Cover. Price - $89.99


American Flight Jackets, Airmen and Aircraft
A History of U.S. Flyers` Jackets from World War I to Desert Strom.
This new comprehensive look at the evolution of the American flight jacket from World War I to Dersert Strom addresses not only the types worn,  but focuses primarily on the art  and adornment applied to the jackets. The most colorful and creative period for flight jacket art was World War II, and it is this era that comprises a major portion of this book. Additionally, many of the pieces are attributed to the original owner with biographical information, contemporary photographs of the individual, and the aircraft on which he served. Personal combat accounts are also included. Also covered are other military jackets used by flyers. American Flight Jackets, Airmen and Aircraft was complied over a number of years by Jon Maguire and John Conway. The authors became friends through a mutual passion for aviation history and collecting. This book provides a valuable reference for the historians and collectors alike, and includes over 1000 photographs. Size: 9"x12", Illustrations, over 100 color and B/W photographs, 280 pages. Price - $69.95 


Art of the Flight Jacket: Classic Leather Jackets of World War II
Following the success of their first volume American Flight Jackets, Airmen and Aircraft: A History of U.S. Flyers` Jackets from World War I to Desert Storm, Jon Maguire and John Conway focus solely on the painted leather jackets of the World War II years in this volume. Size: 8 1/2"x11", Illustrations: over 600 color and B/W photographs, 176 pages.
Price - $49.95


Silver Wings, Pinks & Greens
Uniforms, Wings & Insignia of USAAF Airmen in WW II
This new look at the uniforms and insignia of the USAAF during the World War II years covers a broad range of clothing, collar insignia, rank insignia, shoulder/sleeve insignia and squadron patches. Additionally, there is an in-depth examination of wing qualification badges. Actual items are presented in nearly 600 illustrations in full color, and also as they appeared in actual war-era photos. Actual uniform regulations and illustrations from 1943 and 1944 Officers Guides are also provided. Hard bound, size: 8 1/2"x11", illustrations:over 500 B/W  and color photos, 192 pages.  Price - $59.95


More Silver Wings, Pinks & Greens
An Expanded Study of USAS, USAAC, & USAAF Uniforms, Wings &  Insignia of 1913-1945, Including Civilian Auxiliaries
Jon Maguire`s book Silver Wings, Pinks & Greens was a tremendous success and set a new standard for American uniform and insignia references. Following its publication there still remained among collectors and historians a desire for more information. There was also an outpouring from many serious collectors who made available a wealth of items-the result, More Silver wings, Pinks & Greens. This book of all new material greatly expands on the wing qualification badges, uniforms, and patches presented in the first book. Additionally, this work covers totally new areas including Civil Air Patrol, W.A.S.P.s, Air Transport Command, Factory Techincal Representatives, and "Yanks" in the RAF and RCAF. Other new areas presented are uniforms and insignia of the First World War era, and the "Golden Age" of the 1920s-1930s. There is also a large section on Aviation Cadets and civilian contract flying schools and instructors. The book is presented in detail and through style typical of Jon Maguire`s work. Orginal items are shown in over 1000 color photographs, as well as numerous unpublished period photographs showing the items as they were worn. Jon Maguire is also the author of Gear Up! Flight Clothing & Equipment of USAAF Airmen in World War II, American Flight Jackets & Airmen & Aircraft, and Art of the Flight Jacket.
Hard cover, size: 8 1/2"x11" , illustrations: 1,1000 color and B/W photos, pages: 350.  Price - $79.95  


Gear Up!
Flight Clothing & Equipment of USAAF Airmen in WW II
This new work from Jon A. Maguire provides an in-depth examination of personal flight clothing and equipment used by United States Army Air Force flyers in World War II. Included are: flight helmets, oxygen masks, goggles, clothing, boots, gloves, flak armor, paper items and emergency equipment such as parachutes and "Mae Wests." In addition to U.S. issue items, the book also covers R.A.F. gear used by American airmen. The orginal items are presented in full color photographs, including detail shots and labels. Also included are hundreds of World War II era photographs showing the items in use, as they were worn. Portions of actual USAAF instructional manuals are provided as well. This book is a valuable reference to historians, collectors, and modelers. It is a source of memories and reflection for many USAAF veterans. Hard bound, size: 8 1/2"x11", illustrations: over 600 B/W and color photos, 184 pages.  Price - $45.00


Vintage Flying Helmets, Aviation Headgear Before The Jet Age
This book explores the history and development of early flying headgear throughout the pioneering nations in military and sport aviation, from the earliest exploits of the Wright Brothers, to the end of World War II. Drawn from aviation museums and private collections from around the world, the illustrated color sections feature over 1000 photographs depicting more than 650 different items of flying headgear: helmets, goggles. oxygen masks and accessories, including many unique personalizations and rarely seen items.
Size: 9"x12", over 1000 color and B/W photographs, 336 pages.
Price - $75.00


Back In Print!

Over the years H&C Publishing has earned their reputation for producing high quality military photo books in full color. Once again their unique graphic design style reaches a new level.

All the uniforms, insignia, weapons and field equipment issued to the American GI in the ETO are described in detail and everything is shown in full color. We seriously believe that this new book will be a "must have" reference guide for any collector of GI militaria.

Hard cover, Size: 9" x 12", 272 pages, full color.

Price: $65.00

  • Insignia and Decorations
  • Uniforms
  • Individual Equipment
  • Small Arms and Crew-Served Light Weapons
  • Tentage, Sleeping and Bivouac Equipment
  • Armored Troops
  • Airborne Troops
  • Mountain Troops
  • Female Personnel
  • Military Police
  • Army Rations
  • The Corps of Engineers
  • The Signal Corps
  • Chemical Warfare
  • The Medical Department
  • Army Chaplins
  • Army Publications and Other Printed Material
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Personal Items
  • Trophies and Souvenirs

  • mmbk0797.jpg


    After the release of Volume 1, many readers and collectors pointed out several pieces they possessed which were missing from the book. Although including each and every item issued to the American soldier is a near impossible goal, the author started making a list of what should included in a reprint.  All chapters from volume 1 have been revised and updated (among others: uniforms, signal and medical equipment) and new sections have been added, including personal equipment, Stateside training, and the life of POWs in German camps.  More than 1,000 new artefacts with detailed captions are featured in this completely revised new work. Volume 2 of the G.I. Collector's Guide provides a complete and unequaled source of American ground force documentation for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Hard cover, 9" x 12", 276 pages, full color. Price: $65.00 


    Back in Print

    GRUNT GEAR: USMC Combat Infantry Equipment of WWII

    The most definitive resource on WWII Marine Corps combat uniforms and equipment has arrived, complied through years of exhaustive research at the National Archives, Marine Corps Museum and through private collections.   
    This 336 page hardbound book provides historical documentation of the development and manufacture of Marine Corps specific equipment. Everything from helmets to boondockers is covered, including contractual information that provides quantities ordered as well as the rarity of various items.
    The USMC camouflage uniform is thoroughly detailed with information on the camouflage pattern creator, manufacturer of the uniforms and variants, and never before seen photographs of the camouflage parachutist jump smock. The chapter on knives provides the latest information on Marine Corps knives including the rare first Raider knife and updated production numbers on Marine Corps K-bars and M4 bayonets.
    You will find over 560+ color photographs, 120+ black and white photographs, 90+ drawings/schematics/blueprints and over 2,000 USMC specific rifle and submachine gun serial numbers. Hard Cover, 336 pages-680 photos (most in color) (ben) Price - $79.95


    1937-1945 Uniforms, Insignia, Equipment

    Bruno Alberti and Laurent Pradier have been collecting and writing about U S Marine Corps gear for more than a decade and, in that time, have contributed complete series of articles on the topic in the French Militaria Magazine. That sequence of articles is complete and the time has now come for a revised and expanded version of the results of their work as a single bound volume. The US Marine Corps has always enjoyed a special status among the American Armed Forces, as well as boasting distinctive uniforms and emblems. This new book presents the large variety of dress uniforms for both officers and enlisted men, as well as combat uniforms and specialty camouflage garments. Hundreds of items of clothing, equipment and insignia are illustrated by reenactment photos of the famous 'leathernecks' in the form of large format color plates. Many period photos found in official American archives are also reproduced and help place the reenactment shots in the correct historical context. This new volume maintains the usual exceptional quality standards of Histoire & Collections: carefully-researched historical background, hundreds of concisely captioned color photographs of authentic artifacts and reenactment photographs taken in studio conditions to allow the reader to see the uniforms and equipment in the greatest clarity. Size: 9" x 12", Hard cover, 144 pages, English text.(rzm)Price: $59.95


    U.S. Navy Uniforms in World War II Series  Vol.1: Sailors in Forest Green: USN Personnel Attached to the USMC
    Sailors in Forest Green is a detailed examination of the uniforms and equipment used by Navy personnel attached to the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II. Navy hospital corpsmen, Seabees, combat photographers, demolitions experts, and many other Navy specialists served with USMC units from 1941-1945. This subject is often overlooked today. Sailors in Forest Green is the first book of its kind to address this previously unexplored and fascinating topic. It is lavishly illustrated with over 800 previously unpublished archival and contemporary photographs, documents, and dramatic reconstructions. Both U.S. Navy and Marine Corps uniforms are highlighted, including officer and enlisted dress uniforms and insignia, combat and fatigue uniforms, camouflage, field gear and experimental equipment. Additionally, gas masks, medical supplies, and explosives are featured as well. Anyone with an interest in World War II militaria will marvel at this new and exciting breakthrough! Size: 9"x12", over 800 color and b/w photographs , 336 pages. (sch) Price - $79.95


    U.S. Navy Uniforms in World War II Series
    U.S. Naval Aviation Flying Clothing and Gear Vol.2

    Volume Two in the series, this book is all-inclusive, covering every aspect of aviation related uniforms and equipment used by the American Navy during World War II. Chapters in this volume include; pre-war naval aviation and training, survival equipment and aircraft carrier based aviation as well as parachute riggers, photographers, air gunners, fighter and bomber crews, USMC and more. Flying jackets, helmets and parachute systems are highlighted in addition to class-A dress uniforms and insignia. Informative wartime documents and catalog excerpts are reproduced here for the first time and hundreds of original unpublished archive photographs chronicle U.S. Navy aviation from 1941-1945. Original uniform ensembles are showcased in full-color contemporary recreations, many of them in and around authentic World War II aircraft. Size: 9"x12", Illustrations: over 900 color and b/w photos, Pages: 320 . (sch) Price - $89.95


    U.S. Navy Uniforms in World War II Series
    U.S. Naval Amphibious Forces Vol.3

    Volume Three in the series, this book is a detailed examination of the uniforms and equipment used by elite and specialty units of the American Navy during World War II. Collectors and history scholars will marvel at the array of previously unpublished text and imagery covering such elusive subjects as pre-war landing parties, the Seabees, Naval Beach Battalions, Naval Combat Demolition Units and Underwater Demolition Teams. Obscure and little known specialties are also highlighted including Scouts and Raiders, Beach Jumpers, Shore Fire Control Parties, Hard-Hat Salvage Divers and more. Hundreds of rare and exceptional artifacts are showcased in addition to complete original uniforms modeled in realistic settings with accurate descriptions of their wartime use. Condensed unit histories of the Seabee battalions, beach battalions, UDT teams and NCDU teams are also cataloged for the first time in one volume. Size: 9"x12", Illustrations: over 500 color and b/w photos, Pages: 256. (sch) Price - $69.95


    U.S. Navy Uniforms and Insignia 1940-1942 Vol.4

    Volume four in the series, this is the first book of its kind to examine the clothing, equipment and accoutrements used by the United States Navy through the early years of World War II. Beginning with the pre-war lineage of U.S. Navy uniforms in the 1920s, this volume chronologically documents Midshipmen's uniforms, recruit training and issue items including sea bag layouts and hammocks, with over 800 original and contemporary images. Wartime U.S. Navy insignia worn by commissioned officers, warrant officers and chief petty officers is featured with concise descriptions and detailed photographs. Additionally, a complete catalog of enlisted men's rating badges and distinguishing marks are showcased in brilliant full color with detailed and informative captions. As a bonus, the complete 1941 U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations with all wartime changes and amendments is included on CD-ROM. Size: 9"x12", Illustrations: over 800 color/bw images,Pages: 320. (sch) Price - $79.95


    U.S. Navy Uniforms and Insignia 1943-1946 Vol.5

    Volume five in the series, this book provides a detailed study of the traditional sack coat, frock coat, and jumper/bellbottom trouser uniforms worn by the American Navy throughout World War II. Additionally, cold weather outfits, khakis, dungarees and working uniforms worn by Seabees, beach battalions and shore parties are highlighted. With over 1,200 previously unpublished contemporary and archival illustrations, documents and reconstructions, this is truly an epic volume. Special focus is devoted to rare and unusual tailor made uniforms featuring "liberty cuffs" and custom embroidery. Original experimental uniforms tested in 1946 are featured for the first time in any reference book. Also included are women's WAVE, Nurse Corps and Flight Nurse uniforms with heretofore unequaled coverage. As a bonus, the complete 1941 U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations with all wartime changes and amendments is included on CD-ROM. Size: 9"x12", Illustrations: over 800 color/bw images, Pages: 320. (sch) Price - $79.95



    U.S. Navy Uniforms in World War II Series Vol.6

    Like its predecessors in the series, this book is an epic chronicle of previously unpublished topics, including the uniforms and equipment of the submarine force, PT boat squadrons, mine warfare men, gun crews, signalmen, and more. In addition, never-before addressed subjects including the U.S. Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, Public Health Service, Coast and Geodetic Survey and the Samoan Fita-Fita are examined. Clothing, accoutrements, insignia, small arms, knives, life jackets, novelty items and sweetheart jewelry are all covered. Size: 9"x12", Illustrations: over 1100 color/bw images, Pages: 272. (SCH) Price- -$79.95


    THE M1 CARBINE The American Firepower Series Vol.1
    Featuring exquisite, high quality duo-tone images culled from the US National Archives, these titles present a unique and intimate look at such ubiquitous fire arms as the M1 Carbine and Garand, as well as the valiant "dog-faced" infantrymen and tank crews who used them. From combat in the forests of France and Germany, to the black sand beaches of the Pacific Theater and Korea, each title contains over 100 exceptional images which will provide a wealth of visual information for gun collectors, re-enactors, modelers and historians, interested in taking a new look at some legendary weapons.
    Size: 11" x 81/2", 96 pages, 100 plus duotone photos. (rzm) Price - $39.95


    THE M1 GARAND The American Firepower Series Vol.2
    Featuring exquisite, high quality duo-tone images culled from the US National Archives, these titles present a unique and intimate look at such ubiquitous fire arms as the M1 Carbine and Garand, as well as the valiant "dog-faced" infantrymen and tank crews who used them. From combat in the forests of France and Germany, to the black sand beaches of the Pacific Theater and Korea, each title contains over 100 exceptional images which will provide a wealth of visual information for gun collectors, re-enactors, modelers and historians, interested in taking a new look at some legendary weapons.
    Size: 11" x 81/2", 96 pages, 100 plus duotone photos. (rzm) Price - $39.95


    New; SEMPER FI; The Definitive Illustration of the USMC

    With more than 1,100 images and a text written by respected author and veteran Colonel H. Avery Chenoweth, this tribute to the U.S. Marines shines with all the pride of the Marines themselves. Salute the few, the proud, the Marines. From their founding in 1794 to their most recent actions--including the second battle of Falluja--the entire history of the U.S. Marine Corps comes vividly to life in these lushly illustrated pages. Pore through the comprehensive images of nearly every Marine hero, uniform style, sidearm, saber, weapons platform, recruiting poster, plane, helicopter, boat, and mess kit. Many of the photos were shot recently right at the Historical Center at Quantico, Virginia, and they include rare and never-before-seen artifacts from the Marines' long history. Colonel H. Avery Chenoweth provides fascinating background information and context to compliment the visual journey. Size:10 X 11 1/2. all in color,480 pages. (sterling)Price - $45.00


    American Thunder II
    The Thompson Military Submachine Guns
    The updated second printing of the in-depth look at the famous wartime Thompson Submachine Gun as used by the United States and her allies during WWII. There have been many books written about the original Colt Thompsons, but never before has such an in depth volume been published on the wartime Thompsons.

    Some of the topics covered in this book;

    1. Detailed descriptions of the 1928, 1928A1, M1 and M1A1 models
    2. The early history of the Auto-Ordnance Corporation.
    3. The men responsible for the design and creation of the Thompson
    4. Early development and the pre WWII Colt Thompsons.
    5. The Savage Arms Co. Thompsons.
    6. The Auto-Ordnance, Bridgeport Thompsons.
    7. Savage "Commercial" and British contract guns.
    8. WWII production dates and figures.
    9. The British and French contracts with Auto-Ordnance.
    10. The U.S. Lend-Lease Thompsons.
    11. The U.S. Ordnance Department involvement.
    12. The U.S. Government contracts and numbers.
    13. U.S. markings and variations
    14. Foreign contract markings and variations.
    15. Complete details on contractors and subcontractors.
    16. Drum and magazine contractors.
    17. Drum and magazine contracts and production figures.
    18. Parts manufacture and original cost.
    19. Accessories and accouterments
    20. Manuals  Size:8.5"x11", 650 photos and charts, 530 pages. (Moose Lake)Price - $29.95





    Individual Gear and Personal Items of the GI in Europe
    Finally, a wonderfully detailed reference history of personal items issued to the soldiers in Europe. Individual gear, toiletries, tobacco and personal effects from North Africa to the Rhine are covered in intimate detail. Over 400 beautiful color images and numerous compelling period photographs, many never-before published, offer a thoughtful analysis of a soldier’s most valued possessions. This book illustrates from a unique perspective a sentimental side of the soldier in the foxhole as it documents and categorizes the many personal items he carried into battle. Historians, collectors, and veterans alike will undoubtedly relish the information meticulously researched and appreciate the nostalgic period advertisements and anecdotes included in this extraordinary compilation. This book is by far the best and most complete study available of personal items of the American soldier during World War II and truly an indispensable resource. Size: 8.5"x11", over 400 b/w and color photos, 224 pages. Price - $59.95


    Dressed for Duty; Americas Women in Uniform Vol.1 1898-1973 Guide



    DRESSED FOR DUTY : Vol.2 Americas Women in Uniform 1898-1973 Guide
    The second volume continues the study of women in our nationıs defense, plus their uniforms and insignia, all in magnificent color. Numerous organizations covered include: Office of Civilian Defense, Relief Wings, Inc., the Salvation Army, United Service Organizations (USO), the ³Hello Girls,² United States Coast Guard Womenıs Reserve (SPARS), United States Food Administration, United States Public Heath Service Reserve Corps, United War Work Campaign, Volunteer Army Canteen Service, Women Veteranıs Organizations, Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES), or US Navy Womenıs Reserve, Womenıs Auxiliary Ferrying Service (WAFS) and Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) (73 pages), WAF, WOWs, Women War Correspondents, Women War Workers, Womenıs Ambulance and Defense Corps, WAAC/WAC (108 pages), Womenıs Land Army, Yeomen (F): United States Naval Reserve (F), YMCA, YWCA, etc. Size: 6 1/4"x 9 1/4", 1,300 b/w photos and color illustrations, 544 pages. (bender) Price - $59.95


    Visor Hats of The United States Armed Forces, 1930-1950, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Other Serveces
    This volume is the first to explore U.S. visor hats of the 1930s-1950s in detail. Fully illustrated in superb full color photographs, the variety of service arms, manufactures, and details are shown for the begining and advanced U.S. military hat collector alike. Covers visor hats of the U.S. Army and includes: dress blue, band, officers service, Army Air Force "crusher" caps, officer white and pink visor hats, military police, non-commissioned officers, and enlisted men`s visor hats, overseas hats, female visor hats, hat insignia, air cadet, R.O.T.C. and academy, misc. U.S. Army organizations including Transport Service, Convoy Board, Transportation Corps/Water Division, Military Sea Transport Service,and Military Sealift Command. Also covered are the visor hats of the Navy, Marine Corps and other sea services including: officers visor hats, technical advisors, warrant , steward, and chief petty officers,female dress hats,academy and cadets, visor hat insignia, maritime service visor hats and insignia, Coast Guard visor hats and insignia, Marine Corps. Other subjects include; Public Health Service; American Red Cross; Volunteer/Foreign Service; Civil Air Patrol; Coast and Geodetic Survey; American Legion and Veterns of Foreign Wars; Sea Scouts/Boy Scouts; children`s visor hats; reproduction hat insignia; and maker`s logos. Size:9"x12",over 850 color and black and white photos, 288 pages, hard cover. Price - $79.95


    Colonels in Blue - Union Army Colonels of the Civil War
    The New England States: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
    This book is the first in a series which will feature the colonels of the Union Army in the Civil War. Most of them were citizen soldiers from a wide variety of backgrounds. Motivated by patriotic enthusiasm and personal ambition but often lacking any real military expertise, they nevertheless offered their services in defense of the Union. Through photographs and biographical sketches their lives are now being remembered. This volume documents the colonels who commanded regiments from the six New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Size: 8.5"x11", over 430 b/w and color photos, 288 pages. Price - $59.95


    U.S. Army Headgear 1812-1872
    This profusely illustrated volume represents more than three decades of research in public and private collections by military historian John P. Langallier and Civil War authority C. Paul Loane, whose own examples of Union headgear constitute one of the finest individually owned collections in the country. Combining an authoritative text with more than 350 photographs of specimens and period images, this volume is an indispensable research tool for collectors, curators, and reeanctors, particularly those who are seeking an overview of the many types of headgear donned by the Union soldier between 1861-1865. Size: 9"x12", over 350 black and white and color photographs, 200 pages. Price - $69.95


    Jet Age Flight Helmets
    Aviation Headgear in the Modern Age
    This new photo documentation is the first book ever to cover in detail the history and development of military flight helmets from the post-World War II era to the present, and includes over 120 different helmets and their associated equipment such as oxygen masks, boom microphones, inner helmets etc. U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard flight helmets discussed range from standard fighter, bomber, transport and helicopter models, to high-altitude, special purpose and experimental types. Foreign helmets covered include British, French, German, Swedish, Canadian, and rarely documented Polish, Chinese and Soviet/Russian models. Also covered is an extensive selection of U.S. and Soviet/Russian space helmets. Extensively researched this book contains over 1000 images, most in color, and includes multiple-view photographs as well as detail views. Specific details of each helmet include manufacturer, proper designation, unique features, accessories, periods of use, branch of service(s), and aircraft in which is was used-selected export users are also included. Mike Breuninger is also the author of United States Combat Aircrew Survival Equipment: World War II to the Present-A Reference Guide for Collectors. Size: 9"x12", over 1000 color photos, 248 pages. Price - $75.00